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Led Panel Down Light Manufacturer of the global market

LED downlights Watt: 45W also known as the panel lights with a wide beam angle, are the fixtures that are recessed in the ceiling in a way that they emit light in the downward direction and are considered best to provide an even level of ambient lighting in a space. These downlights require a time of 0.001 sec to turn on which means that it instantly turns on.


LED downlights can be used to provide general lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. If you want to make your reader corner lighter or to add light over your kitchen counter, you would have to add a downlight. The same is true for lighting a hallway or corridor, or for the general lighting in a large room such as your family room.

Value of Money

The led panel downlight exporter can provide LED lights in some unique and uncommon colors and tones, like white warm with Light Color Temperature 3000K. It has a lifecycle of 15000 on/off cycles, ensuring a long-life duration of these down lights. Moreover, LEDs are well known for their energy-saving properties thus are a better value for money compared to other light bulbs as they use 75% less energy than halogen light bulbs 

Best for Home Decoration

This frameless led panel light is one of the best products if you are looking to make your home, office, hallway, and other places like that into an appealing and beautiful place. Its stainless steel frame fits perfectly right into the ceiling making it one of the easiest to install led lights.