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Ceiling Panel LED Lights

We sell our ceiling lights that are powered by a low voltage cable (up to 20 volts). The set includes the lamp, wiring harness, and mounting structures. Order Lighting Products from us. we specialize in manufacturing high-quality led ceiling lights for homes, offices, museums, and other places like that, We offer lights that use LED lamps and power supplies at a better price for you.

We have made our led ceiling light by using only the best quality materials. The led ceiling light we provide can be used for all types of lighting, from waterproofed outdoor lights to indoor and transition-type lights. We offer the best-LED chandelier bulbs as well.

Led Ceiling Panels Lights Specification

LED ceiling lighting we offer has been widely used in a wide variety of situations. You can browse the different applications to get an idea of what's possible with our excellent quality led lights. Our ceiling led lights come with an aluminum frame and effective lighting that can last a long time. Our selection is of the highest quality with all parts being made out of the best components we have to offer; made from excellent specifications, both in materials and performance, to reduce your electricity cost drastically.

Further Product Details:

Ceiling panel LED lights are an ideal choice when you're searching for lighting options that won't really draw a lot of attention. This is perfect for any area where light might be needed, by adding a little charm to your home or office space, The effect created is so great that would prove useful in all situations and helps you run perfectly through the day without having to have lights on throughout those long hours when it's still dark outside.

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The entire design section of our led system has been kept simple as we know that its functionality is the most important feature. We offer premium quality led ceiling lights, with a long life of up to 40 thousand hours and great effectiveness in adjusting your mood according to being courted on full openwork or even having guests over for some serious coffee. The ease by which you can switch from one color or tiring of light makes it super simple for any room because its brightness is very adjustable at will so that you may enjoy these kinds of lights usually everywhere throughout your house. The fact that is used to light other rooms of the home proves very useful for lighting a bathroom or kitchen without burying an entire parcel of the lights into another room's ceiling. All in all this product is truly guaranteed efficient and considered by its price, performance, color temperature, and life expectancy on the market.

Best for Home Decoration:

As all products that we offer, our LED ceiling strip lights basically serve as home decoration and are less expensive. They may be bought from us in an assortment of colors available, including white or mixtures of different kinds - like soft blue or red for instance – to the most intense bluish color possible which is perfect for both a unique atmosphere inside your house or even dining area with great architectural impact at night but without being too strong so as to cause nausea or even the need to use a pillow. We offer 3 different models of led ceiling strip lights, namely:

Led-Pro (3W) with 4.2M 6 colorful modes, rounded with round cable; B01 by Adjustable White Solar Powered Ceiling Light 5m/16ft [2820816] Price tag – $ 32 / piece, Package Size: 2pcs(12cm)

Actual Current: 27.6mA, Recommend Color: Various combination (Soft blue-red). 2 - LED Dome Lamp(10W) with 4m/15ft Roll Chain; 3-LED Star Ceiling Light Kit BE1003 by Adjustable White Solar Powered Ceilings[2820816], Package size 15cm x 12(9"x8"), Actual Current: 6A at 100V, Recommend Color: Various combination (Soft blue-red).


To make things more comfortable and easy for you we offer various kinds of variety that cannot be found anywhere in the market. We suggest using light temperatures such as cool white or warm white around 2200k - 2700k Warm White would be suitable for a standard washing room with wooden floors while Cool color tone is considered by many – mainly interior designers at buying LED bathroom lights– as the ideal color choice for providing a soothing ambiance in your bath, shower or powder room. Many people even use it to create warm tones that contrast with cold colors used on walls and ceiling - like the white-graphite combination – whilst others say they prefer using a cool light effect when the interiors are usually exposed to sunlight all day long (sunroom areas).


We give a 100% money-back guarantee for one month; if the item has a problem or is broken on arrival, please get in touch with us through the contact us form and become our mindful purchasing client; we will provide you with the best solutions; within 24 hours of your request!