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  • LED Wall Linear Lights

LED Wall Linear Lights

Our LED Linear Lights are unique and can be easily recessed to increase bulb camouflage.


Premium Architectural Design

This product is manufactured on the basis of designer concept art and is majorly used in art galleries, hallways, exhibition halls, luxury restaurants, shops, Home, and 5-star hotels. Its front structure is manufactured using only the most refined quality earth metal known as aluminum, making it look shiny and mesmerizing when switched on. It delivers a direct and uniform light source which is high contrast and without the yellow filter. This product is available in two different finishes, one is indoor finish, and the other is available in outdoor finish for a better weather protection from stormy and rainy weather.

One of The Best Led Decorative Lights for You

We are the leading bulk Led decorative lights exporter in the international market we supply our products all over the world at reasonable prices. We have manufactured these products using the concept arts from social media platforms to provide the product that looks and fell the best and works perfectly under indoor and outdoor conditions. Our products come with an IP65 rating, which is water and dustproof, and moisture resistant under extreme stormy weather conditions. We are the Led linear lights exporter that manufactures and delivers only the best products.

Linear Wall Lights of the Next Generation

Our premium led linear lights are made to provide high contrast HD+ lights in a uniform direction, and it is enough to light up a room single room. Its low-profile linear design offers an excellent look making your room look more outstanding and luxurious to look at.


Its led light module provides an optimized and perfect blend of high performance and visual comfort. It delivers a light source that mixes and blends perfectly with the ceiling. Our finest engineers designed this product, making it one of the best must-have products for your home.