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Led Bulb T Shape Exporter Delivering T Type Bulbs

This T type bulb is one of kind because it comes with an IP67 rating which simply means it is water and dust-proof. This product is made to be used for both indoor and outdoor use. It is manufactured to replace 100w incandescent bulbs because they consumed a lot of electrical power and were old pieces of technology. This T type led bulb looks like a bell suitable for making your room look more magnificent. It consumes only 5.5 watts and provides 500 lumens light brighter than a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

Money Saving Technology

This technically advanced product is made to save your money in the long run with a life of 15000 hours, which means it will last for 13 years if you use for 3 hours each and every day. It does not require any warm-up time it provides 600 lumens immediately after your turn it on. Its high-definition light source is bright enough to make the whole room light up and allow you to see striking colors and contrast.

Comes in Customizable Shape and Size

We offer this product in customizable shapes and sizes as well upon customer order. It also comes in various colors and lumens depending upon the customers’ demands and requirements.   

Light Offers More Then What You Think

Light in your room, office, home plays a vital role in changing your mood from bad to good. It influences a person’s mood by lighting up the surrounding space.

Clean HD+ LED

Our product filters out dulling yellow light tint and gives an outstanding-looking white color contrast for exceptional clarity and beauty. It is an improved advanced technology that helps save energy by consuming less electrical power while giving you an enhanced color appearance. We are the leading LED T shape bulb manufacturer that only delivers the best products.