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Crystal Clear Design

This frame light is made from high quality materials providing crystal clear light along with a stunning looking design and aluminum frame making it a perfect room decorator for your room, hallway, office, and living room. It comes with all types of colors available upon order. It produces a bright and clear light without any yellowish tint, and most importantly, you can adjust the brightness in it.

Design and Options

It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame and a uniform distribution of light sources, which is ideal for modern-day homes. Its fixture is equipped with 0 to 10V dimmable driver and comes in 4000k color temperature. This product is usually available in sizes like 2x2 or 4x4, but we can also customize the size of this product upon order from the customer.  

Best for Saving Energy

Our premium quality led frame light provides high lumen output almost equal to a high traditional fluorescent bulb, which can help you save up to 90% on electricity bills. This product is designed to last for decades and can help you save a lot of money.


This product requires less effort and hard work than any other led product out there to install in your ceilings. The products include L-shaped connectors and wires. Please read the instruction manual before installing it in your home.


This is one of the best products for commercial, residential, and public use. It can make any office classroom, hotel, conference room, and lobbies bright, making it look more beautiful and professional. We are the only wholesalers that supply all our products globally and, most importantly, at reasonable prices. We can fully customize this product upon ordering.