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Led Panel Down Light Manufacturer Offers 20w Downlight

This lighting panel is designed to be extra flat and round from the edges, making a perfect-looking design for your home and outdoor use. It delivers a neutral white light tone with just in 20-watt power consumption.  It is a modern functional design and manufactured for customers looking for the latest technology in led lighting panels. It is created by professionals in our industry based on future design and concepts, this product is enough to make your home look like a luxury place.

Ideal For Modern Hotels And Offices

If you are looking to take your home, offices, and hotel to the next level of luxury just add these in your rooms and watch how they make a difference in making your regular looking place into an attractive looking lavish place. It is suitable for place like hotels, offices, congress rooms, homes, and much more. We have made this waterproof and moisture-resistant, making it the best-led product to be used outdoors even in thunderstorms and rainy weather.

Easy On Your Pockets

One of the best advantage of this product is that it is economical and consumes a lot less electric energy making it easy on your pocket. It comes with a life span of 25000 hours, zero-emission of UV ray and IR rays. We are the only Led panel down lights manufacturer that delivers all our products at a global scale.

Design And Options

It has a classic looking low-profile design with a smooth trim and a round frame making it a beautiful and stylish-looking product. It is designed to be used in 120-277V circuit wirings; its 95°-degree angle light emission provides smooth and even light. It comes with a color temperature of 3000k, 4000k, and 5000k.

Installation Made Easy

Everything you will need to install this product is included in one set, it comes with wiring and clips to make it easy to install in at any place you like, and it fits perfectly on any dry surface. This product is the perfect replacement for incandescent light sources.