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  • Double headed LED wall lamp

Double Headed LED Wall Lamp

Voltage: 265 Volts

Shade Material: Aluminium

Light Direction: Up/Down Light

Power Source:   Corded-electric

Batteries Required:         No

Type of Bulb:      LED

Wattage: 8 watts


Further details about the product

Sensor Wall Light: The high-sensitivity light sensor automatically turns on/off from dusk to dawn. When brightness under 20LUX reaches the light, it turns on itself, and when brightness exceeds 100LUX, it will turn off itself, which can well illuminate the light you need at night without having to do it yourself.

Soft and Warm Light: The shell of the outdoor porch light is made of smooth and stainless rust-proof aluminum, and the top and bottom are sealed with hard high-quality glass, which has high-temperature resistance, impact resistance, and high transmittance performance. The light emitted by the LED lamp heads in the wall lamp will be softer and more apparent and diverge evenly without glare. These luxury lights are made for the house to create a comfortable and warm lighting environment for you.

IP65 Rating: The surface of our high-quality porch light is treated with a fine and smooth coating, which is not easy to corrode or rust and fade resistance, and has excellent oxidation resistance and temperature resistance. It supports an IP65 waterproof rating which can withstand the challenges of harsh weather such as rain, snow, and wind when used outdoors.

Quick Installation: It is an easy fit, and it takes complete installation within just three steps. Attach the mounting plate to the J-box on the wall or your desired place with screws, connect the wires, and fasten the fixture to the mounting plate. Suitable for porch, patio, garden, corridor, balconies, terraces, garage door, villa, open field, entryway, indoor and outdoor use. The black aluminum housing ensures a modern feel in the garden, path, terrace, or house wall.