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These LED string lights of length 3000cm are high quality, commercial-grade products with multiple colorful LED bulbs hanging in a string working over a system of Diodes meaning that there are no bulbs to replace or become damaged. These durable LED lights with an average working lifetime of 10000h+ are a more budget-friendly and economical option for decoration. 


An excellent choice for decoration on any occasion whether it’s a Birthday party or a Christmas evening or a Halloween night, adding up these decorative LED string lights can fancy up any space instantly by adding a colorful and warm look to your space.


The main advantage of LED lights is that they are very energy efficient compared to regular incandescent bulbs in which the light is produced by the heating of the light filament which is completely the waste of energy. While the LED lights produce a negligible amount of heat. They are also very eco-friendly as there is no UV, lead or mercury in LEDs so they are perfect for eco projects and green business schemes. Now LED Decoration Lamp Strings supplier supplies LED lights in all colors, shapes, sizes, and functions.


Style: Led String Lights

Length: 3000cm

Holiday Name: Christmas/Halloween

Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 2-3

Working Lifetime(Hour): 10000h+