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Get The Best LED Panel Lights China!

When it comes to looking for the best LED panel lights China manufacturers and suppliers, Foshan Liangxi-LED Co., Ltd stands top of the list. Our company is a place where highly experienced, and a well-skilled team of professionals uses cutting edge technology, and quality raw materials to make long-lasting, and highly illuminating LED panel lights China.

Are you looking for LED panel lights China? Then you are in the right place. Whether you need lights for your office, store, or any other commercial unit, we can facilitate you with the top LED solutions at a wholesale price all over China.

We Can Design Bulbs As Per Your Demand!

Yes, you read it right! We not only provide what we can, but we can also provide what you want! We offer customized bulbs, and our clients are welcome to choose they’re desired LED light color (from our wide color options ranging from cool white, red, blue, warm, white, natural white, and green, etc.), and their desired wattages.

Our provided LED bulbs usually come in wattage between 1W and 30W along with high-intensity LED panel lights. All of our spotlights and LED panel lights China are long-lasting, efficient, and affordable.

What Makes Our LED panel lights china Unique?

Our LED panel lights China can provide up to 100,000 hours of effective and uniform lighting with very little lumen depreciation for a long period. The boards can last somewhere in the range of 50,000 and 70,000 hours, or as long as 5 years of consistent utilization.

Whenever utilized legitimately, these boards can be utilized for a drawn-out timeframe and still be as productive as they were whey they were purchased.

Additional Features

Some other additional features of our bulbs and LED panel lights China:

  • Dimmable lights
  • Remote-controlled sensors

Overall, our panel lights are intended to give uniform light conveyance and brilliant brightening, and our roof boards include exceptional glowing viability accomplished by using ultra-splendid SMD LEDs that offer visual solace with the top-notch light-manage plate.

Liangxi Lights

Liangxi Lights