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Looking for best fairy lights China? Lianxi Lights is the best place to get LED decorative lighting stuff! Foshan Liangxi-LED Co., Ltd provides a wholesale battery operated fairy lights to various industries, commercial places, as well as to trading platforms.

Our provided decorative fairy lights China are known for decorative weddings, indoor/outdoor, ceremonies, parties, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween parties, and is ideal for use in restaurants, small businesses, homes, commercial places, and industrial premises.

What’s Inside Our Precious Fairy Lights?

Our battery operated fairy lights China are made with a set of the waterproof battery case, copper wire lights, and remote control. Each light consists of 33-foot, to a 100-inch string of lights, they all glow white, thus creates a soothing, yet whimsical atmosphere to in chilly and warmer nights.

The high-quality bendable copper wire is flexible enough to get build in any shape you want. It also offers a convenient setting mode which you can change according to your requirements. Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving party, our super glowing fairy lights China are applicable for every use, so make a festive environment, and make every day a party day!

Best Features of Our Fairy Lights

Each Battery Fairy String Lights requires 3 AA batteries to adjust the model. With the remote control, you can adjust the brightness, switch between 8 modes, set the timer to 6 hours to turn on, and turn off 18 hours every day.

The wire portion of the string is completely sealed so that it can be submerged, but the battery case is only IP 44 waterproof, so it can be used normally. After a few hours of use, the low voltage does not overheat and can be safely touched after use.

What Types Of Christmas Decoration Fairy Lights In China We Do Have?

Not in specific type or category, but we manufacture fairy lights in immense varieties such as;

  • 20L Butterfly Copper LED E06
  • 100L mini copper LED E17
  • 20L Christmas tree Copper LED E16
  • 20L Green Christmas tree Copper LE
  • 20L Music note Copper LED E11
  • 20L Red socks Copper LED E14
  • 20L Red walking stick Copper LED
  • 20L Red socks Copper LED E14

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