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Understanding Different Types of LED Lights

Understanding Different Types of LED Lights

Perfect lighting has a lot to do with the type of light you choose to illuminate a specific area; you can not just use simple lights everywhere and expect every area to look perfectly lit. Lighting an area doesn’t mean just putting on some bulbs, and you are good to go. No doubt putting on bulbs does light up any area, but that can’t be classified as a perfectly lit area because for that, we don’t just use one type of light. You must have been to a museum at least once; you must have also noticed that there are lights on the ceiling or walls to light up the museum, but there are also lights on every showpiece and shelf separately to illuminate each piece perfectly. Now that is what you called a perfectly lit area; they use normal lights for lighting up the museum, and to light up the showpieces, they use spot lights. That is why it is very important to understand each light type to do better lighting.

LED Spot Light:

This light is specifically designed to illuminate a specific thing, not the entire room. This light works exactly like its name; it emits a very focused and sharp spot of light. You can change the diameter of the light that this light emits and make it bigger or smaller. By increasing the diameter, the spot of light won’t be as focused and sharp; instead, it would become a very smooth spot of light. Use this light for lighting up your shelves, wall frames, and much more, and level up your lighting game.

LED Point Light: 

This light is very different from the spot light in the sense that it gives off light in all 360 angles; that is, it illuminates everything. This light is like a sphere; thereby, it lights up everything in all of its directions. You can use this light to illuminate any area by getting a number of point lights according to the size of the area from any China LED light supplier for a better price. Therefore, these lights are the best for lighting up any area and also energy efficient for being LED.

LED Area Light:

This light gives off a very directional light in a set boundary; it doesn’t emit light from a single point; rather, it emits light from an entire area, usually in a rectangle. Therefore, this light can better light an area compared to a point light. In areas like offices or hospitals, an area light would prove to be way better than a point light.

LED Volume Light:

This light is very much similar to a point light in the sense that it also emits light from a single point in all 360-degree directions. However, it is quite different from point light as it has a very specific shape and size. It can only illuminate the area or thing that comes in its volume and not more than that but is very good at what it does.