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LED Panel Down Light Manufacturing

LED Panel Down Light Manufacturing

Before we talk about manufacturing of led panel down light, let’s discuss what actually led panel light down is?

LED panel lights also known as LED panel down light are most widely used lighting options for newly built homes or for modern makeovers. These are flat panels which emanate light.

These are very popular lights which fancies ceiling with their sleek and attractive designs. They are trendy because of their versatility and most importantly, they can be easily installed. These are low consumption and are extensively used in homes and offices.

Downlight LED has to be installed on the ceiling structure with a certain requirement. For instance, a hole has to be cut in the ceiling for recessed installation.

Downlight LED can be used for exceptional and accent lighting. The beam angle of the down light LED can be accustomed compliantly according to different requirements.

Before starting the manufacturing process, the materials are carefully selected of the highest quality. Afterward, the materials are set for production.

Stage 1- preparation

At the first stage of preparation, the packaging materials are cut by the programmed laser system that will wrap up the LED light sheets. Later, the same automated laser system cut out the reflector and both the acrylic and protective sheets. The machines precisely reconstruct the outline of each aspect. The profiles which are prepared of metals are cut by using metal cut types of machinery.

After the preparation stage, the assembly procedure starts.

Stage 2- Assembly

As the assembly process starts, each panel is assembled adequately. The essential component of the panel structure is the clear acrylic sheet which increases the scattering of the light.

The next part of the LED panel manufacturing procedure is to implant the LED strips. These are placed inside the aluminum profile that mounts the panel. The LED strip is strong enough to brighten up the whole acrylic sheet surface. Later, the LED strips are positioned in their place, then the reflector and protective cover are placed, afterwards, the whole structure is fixed with metal screws.

After the whole procedure, each LED panel are being tested to ensure the quality and functioning.

To protect the LED panels from any damage during transportation, they are wrapped with safe and secure packaging.

LED down light are widely available with different and variety of designs with different prices. Hence, it all depends on the consumer’s choice and selection for renovation.