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Experience our top of the line led products

Experience our top of the line led products

If you are interested in living a more awesome life, our products will fit your needs and make things easier for you to create that ideal lifestyle whether it's simple decorations or high-quality lighting required by professionals whilst transforming everyday places into something awe-inspiring for people.

Liangxilights is offering you one of the best and a vast variety of led products for your indoor and outdoor use. Lighting and lighting led are the most commonly used for indoor decoration. Lighting products such as led strips, Christmas lights or candle lighters can be directly connected to the dimmer board to increase their brightness and transform your surroundings into a more attractive places that always lead you to have fun. We have all led products for your needs. Whether you are looking forward to an amazing lighting effect in your car, we provide top quality products that can meet the requirement of anyone and add a charm to your vehicle.

Our products are widely used in commercial storage, schools or anywhere there is a need for lights without having any bulb burnouts or unnecessary electrical disturbances. Our products offer you a long life span along with excellent lighting effects.

Our Products Categories

We have the following categories of products for our customers:

Led Downlights

Widely used in public transport, appliance working etc. They can be installed at any place which is normally low for placement and has no disturbance from the power supply.

Dome Downlights

Specification: 4160lumens/55000k output Very High color temperature 4000cdm light source (the higher the better) With heat resistance up to 150 degrees celsius Different shapes available 6-pin concel block without dimmer UL, IEC

Led Spotlights

Stand alone spot lights are normally preferred for direct use / commercial decoration. Ideal for: bold and bright spots, Halogen bulb Lamp type led Adjustable arm height Removable heat resistance (typical downlight) Detailed applied instructions on how to operate the light suitable with most of the dimmer boards including digital controls.

Online sales manager at our distributor site in Chicago and Illinois. Prepare to see Viasat deals for high-quality products all over the US. We offer you the best product at great prices.

Led Flood Lights

They are suitable for commercial use. They offer you the best lighting effect and can provide up to 7600candela lights in one square meter light source Which is 8 times brighter than a 20watt bulb That's why these bright LED Spot Lights are becoming very popular In our store we also have Led Floodlights with sound proof integral china tight door allowing you not only speed operation but We Consider Soundproofing as an essential accessory of any Commercial lighting product for heavy duty and efficient performance. On account of the ultra-brightness and higher durability, led lights are extensively used in commercial institutions such as banks, airports etc. Governmental establishments like police stations use them for security purposes by providing increased visibility at night to ensure the safety of individuals within the premises including air traffic control services or vehicle inspectors & road workers being dispatched during working hours on emergency call outs so that they can trace the movements of motor vehicles or their whereabouts, with the enhanced visibility that spotlights can only provide at night.

Led Wall lights

Led wall lights offer you the light effect which is steadily increasing in popularity due to its luxuriant aesthetic value as well as extraordinary energy efficiency. Led Floodlights are becoming very popular right now All your requirements can be achieved by these advanced and robust led lighting systems with more efficient power consumption that increases efficiency without compromising the quality of output.

The various kinds of projection lamps give totally different types of illuminations If you want a graceful illuminating sound then our led wall lights are the best options for you.

Led Bulbs

On account of the recent technological advances, led bulbs are manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your specific needs. However, there is one critical aspect that needs extreme attention from all the clients; The connectors with these types of lights must be polished properly so as not to produce any heat whenever pained during use or daily routine.

Our store will thus provide you premium quality Led Bulb at an affordable price without compromising on reliability, efficiency & or durability.

Led Flood Lights India Pvt Ltd is an LED light manufacturer, we offer premium quality LEDs that not just enhance the output but also provide you comfort and security in your surroundings no matter if it’s night or day. Compare Led Bulb Price Comparison of Led bulbs vs traditional lights for commercial establishments' lighting needs at our store & place a safe order today to avail of superb discounts on all our products from us!