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Are Panel Lights Similar To Downlights?

Are Panel Lights Similar To Downlights?

This is one of the most curious questions. It is common among people to inquire that whether or not LED panel lights are similar to downlights! Both of these lights are indeed used on the ceiling for interior decoration and lighting. However, LED panel lights are somewhat different than LED downlights. They are also drilled into the roof while ensuring that there is no out of the surface mess. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the ceiling drill is done safely in this case, just as you take safety notes to install downlights. There are several important factors that one needs to take care of while he/ she tends to install LED panel lights.

Following are the most important ones to note

1. You might need to install a junction box to ensure that all the necessary cables and wires are in place. This equipment is important as it ensures that no short circuit is made, and no damage is caused during and after the panel's installation. This is something that you would need to take care of equally as you work with LED downlights.

2. You would need to go hand in hand with the building structure and design. It is important to always contact your building and architectural regulatory department before drilling in the ceiling. It is always considered optimal to take as many precautions as you please to refrain and keep yourself safe from any physical or product damage.

3. You would need to contact your LED panel lights provider to ensure that the panel module you are looking forward to is compatible with your home and business. Ensure that the panel comprises high wattage, and the beams are ideally controlled. You might need to install panel eyeball light frames for this one.