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Our News

LED Panel Down Light Manufacturing

Jun 16,2022

Before we talk about manufacturing of led panel down light, let’s discuss what actually led panel light down is? LED panel lights also known as LED panel down light are most widely used lighting options for newly built homes or for modern makeovers. These are flat panels which emanate light. These are very popular lights which fancies ceiling with their sleek and attractive designs. They are trendy because of their versatility and most importantly, they can be easily installed. These are low consumption and are extensively used in homes and offices. Downlight LED has to be installed on the ceiling structure with a certain requirement. For instance, a hole has to be cut in the ceiling for recessed installation. Downlight LED can be used for exceptional and accent lighting. The beam angle of the down light LED can be accustomed compliantly according to different requirements. Before starting the manufacturing process, the materials are carefully selected of the highest quality. Afterward, the materials are set for production. Stage 1- preparation At the first stage of preparation, the packaging materials are cut by the programmed laser system that will wrap up the LED light sheets. Later, the same automated laser system cut out the reflector and both the acrylic and protective sheets. The machines precisely reconstruct the outline of each aspect. The profiles which are prepared of metals are cut by using metal cut types of machinery. After the preparation stage, the assembly procedure starts. Stage 2- Assembly As the assembly process starts, each panel is assembled adequately. The essential component of the panel structure is the clear acrylic sheet which increases the scattering of the light. The next part of the LED panel manufacturing procedure is to implant the LED strips. These are placed inside the aluminum profile that mounts the panel. The LED strip is strong enough to brighten up the whole acrylic sheet surface. Later, the LED strips are positioned in their place, then the reflector and protective cover are placed, afterwards, the whole structure is fixed with metal screws. After the whole procedure, each LED panel are being tested to ensure the quality and functioning. To protect the LED panels from any damage during transportation, they are wrapped with safe and secure packaging. LED down light are widely available with different and variety of designs with different prices. Hence, it all depends on the consumer’s choice and selection for renovation.

Modern and Elegant Way to Illuminate your Homes

May 24,2022

When it comes to the option of lighting a space, among various different options, recessed lighting is considered one of the most practical and the most functional options that could be used in order to lighten up your home or office as these are the lights that can add a look to any commercial or residential space that exists. These lights are also known as the downlights as well, because of the fact that they are designed in a way that they can sit well with the surface that could be in the form of the ceiling.  These lights are famous around the world for being highly versatile as they can work practically in any room. Led recessed lights that can be bought from LED Recessed Lights wholesaler and are considered the most architectural lights that are very commonly seen to be used nowadays. Led recessed lights are used because of the fact that these LED lights bring along a lot of different benefits, they give your space a clean, modern, and an attractive look that can also be used to highlight the important features of your building, to put a light over the art work and the decorative objects that are there over your building or in the house. They can also be adjusted according to the mood of a person by simply adding one dimmer that can make it far more attractive and pleasing to the viewers.   The most important part is that these LED recessed bulbs are more efficient in terms of saving energy than the other types of products that are used as the source of lighting. Where to Use the LED Lights? Recessed LED lights are considered ideal to be used in all types of applications that can include the lightning effects in both, indoor and outdoor applications. These lights are considered the best product for a room that has a very limited ceiling space that is limited it is also useful in the places where a large fixture would be prominent. If we use these recessed lights in kitchens as they can be used to provide great task lighting, they can also be used as the pendants under the cabinets, as their slim built feature makes them an ideal option for the spaces like under the cabinet, hallways, passages, and even the corridors as well, people often pair them with the step lights to use them in the dining rooms as well. Whether someone is looking for the option of saving money by retrofitting or one is planning to go on with a completely new look by transforming the entire space. For these purposes, nowadays we get to see various different options of LEDs to choose from, as the LED recessed lights nowadays are available in a variety of sizes, styles, finishings, and various other types o features as well. With all this variety available in the market nowadays it might sometimes become a little confusing for the people to select the best product according to their requirements, in this regard, one must consider various other factors as well. LED Ceiling Recessed lights is best for your modern homes This ceiling recessed light is perfect for any modern home. It features a sleek design that will look great in any room, and it comes with a wide range of finishes to choose from. Plus, its sleek construction means it will complement any décor perfectly. It also comes with an LED light source that generates warm white illumination– perfect for any area where you want to create a warm atmosphere. Plus, this ceiling recessed is offered in four different colors and it features everything homeowners need from a fixture of its kind: style, design, durability, and stellar quality. If you're looking for a ceiling recessed that offers maximum versatility and convenience, the Brushed Nickel Surface Recessed Luminaire is what you've been searching for. This fixture can be used in almost any location: whether it's on your dining room table or next to your bathroom counter, this is an awesome option that works perfectly with any décor style. As well as a wide range of finishes, this fixture includes six LED bulbs that use 100% LEDs for the most environmentally friendly illumination. And because it uses three 16W CS-3600 SMD lamps, you can count on maximum brightness out there. Plus, this recessed can be used in any room where you want to bring illumination: restaurant kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms all use this product. The Brushed Nickel Surface Recessed also features a three-way switch that allows for switching off bulbs by remote control if needed. And, since this fixture is made of steel and uses rugged extruded aluminum for the surface construction, you can bet that it will hold up to heavy everyday use. This true all-in-one recessed light works great with any residence from large homes down to single family structures. How many led Ceiling lights you need for a gaming room? If your gaming room will be used primarily for video gaming, you'll likely want to install at least one floor-standing or wall-mounted LED light. For a smaller space that can also be used for movie night or tabletop games, two lights may suffice. Larger spaces might require more than two lights, depending on the size and configuration of the room. The most common guide I see is doing the ceiling lights first. This helps visually make sure you have enough light, seeing where they go and how they impact each other while making a family friendly room with everything working together as it should be! Room size: The negative on this is that normally this will dictate if we over do one area of lighting at all or not. An 8 by 10 room with a ceiling height of 9 feet isn't going to take anything more than two lights, maybe not even one. But if you've got a 12 x 10 room, this is where the ceiling fans will fit in nicely! Ceiling cans are about 40% larger than clamp lights and many builders go ahead with those instead. This can be your test pilot light. If the fan works...its worth it to upgrade all at once (assuming they're equally priced). You can easily purchase LED Ceiling Recessed Lights from us  We are providing latest 2022 model led ceiling down lights made from using only the best quality materials. If you are interested in bulk quantity, just click on the inquire now button and place your order there.  

Experience our top of the line led products

May 9,2022

If you are interested in living a more awesome life, our products will fit your needs and make things easier for you to create that ideal lifestyle whether it's simple decorations or high-quality lighting required by professionals whilst transforming everyday places into something awe-inspiring for people. Liangxilights is offering you one of the best and a vast variety of led products for your indoor and outdoor use. Lighting and lighting led are the most commonly used for indoor decoration. Lighting products such as led strips, Christmas lights or candle lighters can be directly connected to the dimmer board to increase their brightness and transform your surroundings into a more attractive places that always lead you to have fun. We have all led products for your needs. Whether you are looking forward to an amazing lighting effect in your car, we provide top quality products that can meet the requirement of anyone and add a charm to your vehicle. Our products are widely used in commercial storage, schools or anywhere there is a need for lights without having any bulb burnouts or unnecessary electrical disturbances. Our products offer you a long life span along with excellent lighting effects. Our Products Categories We have the following categories of products for our customers: Led Downlights Widely used in public transport, appliance working etc. They can be installed at any place which is normally low for placement and has no disturbance from the power supply. Dome Downlights Specification: 4160lumens/55000k output Very High color temperature 4000cdm light source (the higher the better) With heat resistance up to 150 degrees celsius Different shapes available 6-pin concel block without dimmer UL, IEC Led Spotlights Stand alone spot lights are normally preferred for direct use / commercial decoration. Ideal for: bold and bright spots, Halogen bulb Lamp type led Adjustable arm height Removable heat resistance (typical downlight) Detailed applied instructions on how to operate the light suitable with most of the dimmer boards including digital controls. Online sales manager at our distributor site in Chicago and Illinois. Prepare to see Viasat deals for high-quality products all over the US. We offer you the best product at great prices. Led Flood Lights They are suitable for commercial use. They offer you the best lighting effect and can provide up to 7600candela lights in one square meter light source Which is 8 times brighter than a 20watt bulb That's why these bright LED Spot Lights are becoming very popular In our store we also have Led Floodlights with sound proof integral china tight door allowing you not only speed operation but We Consider Soundproofing as an essential accessory of any Commercial lighting product for heavy duty and efficient performance. On account of the ultra-brightness and higher durability, led lights are extensively used in commercial institutions such as banks, airports etc. Governmental establishments like police stations use them for security purposes by providing increased visibility at night to ensure the safety of individuals within the premises including air traffic control services or vehicle inspectors & road workers being dispatched during working hours on emergency call outs so that they can trace the movements of motor vehicles or their whereabouts, with the enhanced visibility that spotlights can only provide at night. Led Wall lights Led wall lights offer you the light effect which is steadily increasing in popularity due to its luxuriant aesthetic value as well as extraordinary energy efficiency. Led Floodlights are becoming very popular right now All your requirements can be achieved by these advanced and robust led lighting systems with more efficient power consumption that increases efficiency without compromising the quality of output. The various kinds of projection lamps give totally different types of illuminations If you want a graceful illuminating sound then our led wall lights are the best options for you. Led Bulbs On account of the recent technological advances, led bulbs are manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your specific needs. However, there is one critical aspect that needs extreme attention from all the clients; The connectors with these types of lights must be polished properly so as not to produce any heat whenever pained during use or daily routine. Our store will thus provide you premium quality Led Bulb at an affordable price without compromising on reliability, efficiency & or durability. Led Flood Lights India Pvt Ltd is an LED light manufacturer, we offer premium quality LEDs that not just enhance the output but also provide you comfort and security in your surroundings no matter if it’s night or day. Compare Led Bulb Price Comparison of Led bulbs vs traditional lights for commercial establishments' lighting needs at our store & place a safe order today to avail of superb discounts on all our products from us!

What is the Goal of Our Company?

Apr 18,2022

Liangxi Led Lights Co., Ltd is one of the well-known company for supplying high quality led lights. Our goal is to be one of the top ten leading wholesalers that's why we aim to provide our customers one of the best online services all over the world. Our services are not limited by any region or country that's why we have gained a lot of satisfied, loyal customers. What Types Of Products And Services Can You Expect From Us? All types of fancy and classic designed led lights that will surely make your homes, offices, hallways, art galleries, rooms and other areas more beautiful and elegant to look at. You will be able to promote your business by utilising our services. We have only the top class led light products. What Are We Offering We are offering a pretty economical alternative for interior lighting in more than 150 countries. All led products available on the Internet need to fully meet all electrical standards and regulations before shipping from abroad. Our products are tested by leading certified laboratories that’s why they have excellent quality assurance and compliance with global requirements environmental protection laws. Also, use our services, and you can be sure that what we sell is the best-led lights on the market. Which Led Lights Are The Best We use different quality and cost led lights. We select the best LED lamps and continuously produce our high-quality multi-volt modules to meet every customer’s satisfaction. Also, any number of new models can always be available for you on a moment's notice basis for a unique design effect. Why Are These Led Lights Amazing? Their light colour is just brilliant and the energy consumption rate doesn’t even influence upon their overall performance. They have all different types of sizes, shapes and colours that will warm your homes or offices up in a blink of an eye. Moreover, they are energy efficient and at the same time less maintenance-related and thus will not let you pay for more of them in the future. They don’t need frequent re-wires or radiator cleaning; as a result, all these led lights can be entered into any type of space with no concerns about damaging walls. Also prevents electrical short circuits which may be hazardous to life levels like fire hazards or safety hazard level incidences that may have serious consequences if undetected. If Compared To Regular Or Old School Lights Compared to regular lights, this type is much longer-lasting and thus saves you a lot of money in return because they are more energy-efficient than usual bulbs which reduce the electricity bills on your monthly expenses. These LED lamps must be placed where needed; moreover, it has multiple applications like workrooms or conference spaces. Research tells that led with screw connectors, making them safer from accidental switches will probably be worth reconsideration as these lights tend to last up to 20 times longer. Moreover, this type has neither heating or cooling capabilities; furthermore, it takes very little time for them to get hot if warm and thus saves a lot of energy bills. Should You Buy Cheap Lights Or Expensive The honest truth is if you buy expensive led lights they come with a warranty up to 3 to 4 years which is a plus point when compared to cheaper options, sure you can buy a lot of cheap led lights but you don't have any guarantee that they will last even for a day or two that's why we prefer you buy from us. Liangxi Led Lights Co., Ltd provides one of the best wholesale prices on led light products that are usually expensive on your local stores. We not only offer reasonable rates but also premium grade quality on all our products making us one of the reliable wholesalers of led lights in the international market. How To Choose The Right Lighting Option Today, there's a wide and vast variety of led lights required in various applications; consequently, it is so important you understand how to select or determine different options available before purchasing your own LED Lighting choice. With its innovative design and modern technology, they come with multiple changes namely lightweight, long life-span guarantee as well as UL plug connector making them tamperproof. These new innovations lead into brighter illumination while showing security at the same time. Besides, concerning lighting products, this is one kind that we got a lot of feedback so if you are searching for quality led light not just in but also under industry standards then our top priority item may be your last and final choice because these lights have to be tough enough and safe from even dirtiest environments like storage rooms & warehouses whether it was an application on floors or ceilings etc. What People Love About Liangxi Led Lights This is one of the questions that need to be answered, people love our products because of their unique design and quality mainly but not only that they also love they worldwide delivery service we provide to them. This surely is one of the initiatives behind our industry reputation and design but we are always working towards meeting the standards set by our clients. With economical rates from us, there's literally no other leading company doing this excess work. Our Promise To You "The finest LED lights with a high-quality product and services are our top priority. We have always been and will be an innovator in the market, we believe that no one can afford to neglect these features when thinking of each detail while building best-led lights."

How can LED panel lights benefit you?

Mar 29,2022

Light-emitting diode glass panel light is a kind of lighting fixture which has been developed to replace traditional ceiling fluorescent lights. This light is installed on recessed ceilings or suspended grid ceilings. This highly advanced light provides a faultless and smooth wall of lighting without hot spots or visible bulbs. The light-emitting diode glass panel lights are technologically effective, offer numerous innovative features and advantages that help in enhancing living standards. This blog discusses some benefits of light-emitting diode glass panel lights and highlights some factors you should consider while buying them from an LED lights wholesaler.  Benefits of light-emitting diode glass panel lights Brightness and durability The most demanded feature of light-emitting diode glass panel lights is their illumination. The well invented reflective panel and sealed design of light-emitting diode panel lights produce very bright outputs. The invention of light-emitting diode panel lights utilizing aluminium and an efficient photoconductor plate play a crucial role in creating those outputs. These features make light-emitting diode glass panel lights some of the brightest and easiest options to lighten any area. Theoretically, the lifespan of light-emitting diode lighting systems could reach up to a hundred thousand hours provided that they are operated for 8 hours daily, making light-emitting diode glass panel lights very durable. This efficiency means that light-emitting diode glass panel lights can work for twenty-seven years, beating the lifespans of every other electronic gadget by miles. Adjustability and shock resistance People can easily control light-emitting diode panel lights and adjust them to meet the desires and needs of the operator or owner. Moreover, they do not need to be concerned about the released radiation, as light-emitting diode glass panel lights produce very user-friendly and soft lights without any radiation. Whereas the rest of the lighting systems are composed of tungsten glass, light-emitting diode panel lights are composed of hard resin. This makes light-emitting diode glass panel lights pose resistant to external physical shocks and makes them quickly adapt to various temperatures. How to buy the appropriate light-emitting diode glass panel lights? Personal choice and Purpose of your space Aesthetic impacts and personal choice can greatly intervene in the procedure of selecting the light-emitting diode glass panel lights, provided the range of options. Some of the different light-emitting diode glass panel lights encompass round, back-lit, and edge-lit panels. Light-emitting diode glass panel lights have an extensive range of uses for commercial and residential use. Determining the particular application is necessary to help people select the appropriate kind to meet their functional needs. Panels developed for conference rooms and offices for instance may not offer the impacts of the intended effects for hospitals or auditoriums. Installation methods The installation of every light-emitting glass panel light can not be done in the same manner. Generally, the three highly common installation methods of light-emitting diode glass panel lights are recessed light-emitting diode panels, surface mounted panels and suspended panels. Cables, rods or wires hang suspended light-emitting diode glass panel lights beneath a mounting body. People can very easily install surface-mounted light-emitting diode glass panel lights. This is because they are mounted readily to a ceiling with the help of clips and screws. Recessed light-emitting diode glass panel lights are installed flush with a ceiling. They need some adjustments and preparation to the ceiling and are usually designed to fit into traditional ceiling panel systems.

How can you Benefit from Light-Emitting Diode Ceiling Recessed Lights?

Mar 3,2022

Light-emitting diode lighting is amongst today's most speedily developing and effective technologies. They survive longer, provide better quality of lights and have more durability. Like all other diodes, they comprise a semiconductor substance doped with specific impurities to develop a p-n junction. Light-emitting diode lights produce up to ninety percent more effectively than luminous light bulbs. Electricity passes through the semiconducting substance of the light-emitting diode light known as diode. By doing so, it produces light through the electroluminescence principle. Electroluminescence is a procedure whereby photons are produced when the electricity triggered by an outwardly applied bias creates excessive electron-hole pairs. Benefits of light-Emitting Diode Ceiling Recessed Lights Almost every LED ceiling lights wholesaler offers light emitting diode ceiling recessed lights in various shapes and sizes for sale. Whether a person's house is terraced or stately, people can use the light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights to impact their house positively. The kind of illumination people get from these light-emitting diode ceiling lights is affordable and attractive. These lights last for a much longer period than conventional bulbs and consume up to ninety percent less electricity. The possibilities of light-emitting diode ceiling lights are limitless. Irrespective of how huge or small your house is, you will always get something that meets your needs perfectly. Why People Should Consider Light-emitting Diode Ceiling Recessed Lights? Light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights ideally suit applications that are likely to experience off-on cycling, unlike conventional lights that rapidly burn out when frequently cycled. • Light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights can be easily dimmed or switched off. • People can easily and quickly install light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights. These lights get fully bright in microseconds. • Light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights do not comprise mercury, contrasting fluorescent lamps. • Light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights are comparatively small and simply fixed on printed circuit boards. • Light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights are solid-state gadgets; therefore, they do not get easily damaged by an external shock, unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, which are weak. Amazingly Energy-saving and Efficient Light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights are the most sensational and latest technological advancements in the lighting industry. They are compact, small bulbs which are highly durable and energy-efficient. In addition, light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights also provide • a longer life of sixty thousand hours. • Increased safety. • Lower power consumption. • Decreased maintenance cost. Presently, people use them for several applications- electronic instrumentation, aerospace, industrial automation, entertainment, broadcasting, and residential lighting. Also, the light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights are highly energy-efficient and utilize just a tiny portion of the power used by fluorescent lights; there is a rapid decrease in energy costs. Since these lights do not incorporate delicate parts such as filaments and glass, they can tolerate extreme temperature, shock and vibrations. Safety and Colors of Light-Emitting Diode Ceiling Recessed Lights Light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights produce almost no heat therefore, they can be kept switched on for many hours without dangerous impact if touched. They make 3.4 british thermal units per hour and decrease the possible risks of fires and burns. Moreover, these lights are composed of non-toxic substances, unlike traditional lights that employ mercury which might threaten the environment. Also, they are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The manufacturer of light-emitting diode ceiling recessed lights in an extensive range of colors- green, amber, blue and red. Light-emitting diode (LED) ceiling recessed lights are popular choices for home and office lighting. They are available worldwide in a wide variety of colors, including white, yellow, and red. LEDs are very safe to use and produce little heat. They also last longer than traditional bulbs becuase of their durability. When selecting LED ceiling recessed lights, one important thing to keep in mind is the color temperature. The higher the color temperature, the brighter and whiter the light will become. Lights with a lower color temperature will be yellower. You should choose the color temperature that best suits your needs. LED ceiling recessed lights are a great way to save energy and money. They use less electrical power than traditional light bulbs, and they last longer. LEDs also produce very little heat, making them safe to use in any environment. If you are looking for a safe, energy-efficient, and stylish lighting option, LED ceiling recessed lights are a great choice. With a variety of colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect lights for your home or office. When should I replace my led bulbs? LED bulbs should be replaced when they stop working. Most LED bulbs have a lifespan of 10,000 to 20,000 hours. LED bulbs should also be replaced if they are damaged or broken. How can I customize the with led lights? There are many ways to customize LED lights. You can choose the color of the light, the shape of the light, and the type of bulb. You can also choose a light that is compatible with your dimmer switch. LED lights are a great way to personalize your home or room just the way like it. What should I consider when choosing a led light? When choosing a LED light, you should consider the color temperature and the brightness of the light. You should also consider the size and shape of the light. LED lights are available in many different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is perfect for your needs. You What is the difference between led and incandescent light? LED lights are different from traditional incandescent light bulbs in many ways. LED lights are more energy-efficient, last longer, and produce less heat. They come in a variety of colourful colors, including white, yellow, and red. LED lights are a great way to save money and energy. Maximize your home improvement with led lights LED lights are a great way to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to home improvement. They give a modern look and touch to the home making it look more elegant and attractive to others.