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Our News

Our News

Why are LED Downlights a Great Option for You?

Aug 25,2021

Downlights have been the go-to option for people who aim to light up any commercial and private spaces. The utility and compatibility that these lights provide have made them a popular choice over the years. The unique and elegant design options have been introduced by the companies in LED downlight circle, and they are available in different variations. The downlights are famous for providing different levels of lighting conditions that you can customize according to your mood.  Flexibility  The LED downlights provide an immense amount of portability, making them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They are available in several design options, so you can pick the one that goes well with your surroundings and mood.  Lifetime  The lifetime of the majority of downlights is quite impressive as the manufacturers design these lights to serve the customers for a long time. Once you have invested in a quality downlight, then you don’t have to worry about replacing it unless necessary.  Controls  The modern face of downlights provides absolute control to the customer, so they can curate the lighting conditions according to their preference. The lighting controls are easy to manage, and each control enables different sets of selections for the ease of the user. There are many LED lights that come with remote controls, and some even provide controlling access directly from your smartphone.  Lighting  The lighting that the LED downlights provide has a suitable throw for different locations. You can choose these lights for spaces like the kitchen, garage, doorways, walkways, and basement. They provide enough light for a space to light up properly, providing the users with a decent amount of light. If you think that the light isn’t enough, then you can always invest in more high-quality LED downlights and illuminate the desired space. 

Three Things That You Can Change The Look of Your Kitchen

Aug 16,2021

When setting up a new home, one of the trickiest parts is to make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing. The role of a kitchen in any home is crucial as it’s the real powerhouse where all the experiments and techniques are brought to life. Different homeowners opt for different techniques to make the kitchen space look good and pleasing. Some invest in decorative materials such as lighting and accessories, while others prefer investing in storage areas where they can keep their kitchen essentials safe and secure. People tend to take the services of various kitchen designers that provide curated options for various homeowners keeping their vision in mind. The selections that a homeowner makes can be subjective, but there are several basic things that can take your kitchen game to a new level.  Here are a few additions that you can choose to make your kitchen look stunning and beautiful.  Invest in Kitchen Cabinets  Homeowners are always looking for enough storage space in their kitchen so they can have their utensils, cutlery, and spices stored in the right way. The truth is that there’s nothing better than having multiple locations with kitchen cabinets that can be useful for you to use as a basic storage space. The best thing about them is the fact they don’t have to be boring as you can get them customized completely from the type of wood you want to the finishing design that you think would go well you can have everything according to your taste.  Invest in Kitchen Countertops People cook delicious dishes in their kitchens, but it sometimes gets difficult when you are not able to find a suitable space where you can serve your scrumptious creation. The thing that can help you against this situation is to invest in multiple countertops that can escort you as a display area. You can also use these to serve the dishes right in the kitchen, and if you need something more out of them, then you would be happy to know that they can work as a great space to take stunning pictures of your food. You can get them customized with your choice of different tiles and textured marbles.  LED Panel Lights  The LED panel lights are a must-have in your fully functional kitchen as they provide multiple sources of light. The flexibility that they offer makes them a favorite for various homeowners, and people choose them to get the places illuminated where there’s a need for a decent lighting connection.  They can be installed in places such as kitchen cabinets and on the top of the kitchen ceiling so you can have an interrupted supply of light when you need it the most. The global LED panel lights wholesalers circle offers different pricing options according to your designated budget, so you can have different levels of lighting ranging from soft to warm according to your lighting needs in the kitchen.  

Three Main Advantages That LED floodlights Provide to Users

Aug 12,2021

The versatility and benefits that LED lights provide in different applications have made them a go-to option for many people. The popularity of LED lights has been growing since they were first introduced, and today, they are nearly everywhere we see. Apart from other applications, one place where they have truly shown immense potential is the category of floodlights. It was years ago that large floodlights used to have huge sized bulbs that used to consume a lot of energy, and it used to reflect heavily on the electric bills, but since the introduction of LED, the size and cost both have drastically decreased, making them affordable and far more effective than ever before.  The excessive reliance that the masses have had on the LEDs over the years has proven the fact that LEDs are a far better option for floodlights compared to any other type of bulb. They are famous for being plenty bright along with the benefit of low energy consumption and having a wide area of coverage, an element that is essential when it comes to the applications that involve large-scale usage of the floodlights such as in stadiums and parking lots. If you are looking for different LED floodlights, then you can get in touch with a LED floodlights wholesaler as there are many of them that offer a variety of options at an affordable price. If you are in luck, then possibly you would be able to crack a better deal for the required application and according to your designated budget.  Here are the few main advantages that come with various LED floodlights  Flood Lights Are Environment Friendly   The LED floodlights are an environmentally friendly option compared to the other lighting options that are infamous for discharging different harmful rays. There's one more factor that they are designed to consume less energy and provide more value as it reflects on the monthly consumption of electricity. Thanks to the fact that the floodlights can get plenty bright, you would need fewer bulbs as they have the ability to illuminate enough to lighten up different large spaces. Flood Lights Can Get Plenty Bright LED floodlights are famous for the higher brightness levels that also result in a brighter and crisp projection of light compared to traditional floodlights that are available in the market. The main benefit is that each bulb present in a LED flood light produces more amount of light, so you need fewer bulbs to generate a decent amount of soft and crisp light.  Durable and Easy to Repair Like any other LED light, durability is a factor about which you don't need to worry about when it comes to LED floodlights. The floodlights are designed to last longer than any other option that you can find in the market, and there's a high chance that they would last you for years to come providing you great value for the money that you had once spent. The purchase decision for many people is dictated by the durability that a product offers, so the floodlights that you will be purchasing would get you covered from that front. If, by any chance, the floodlights get damaged or are in need of a repair, then you can get them repaired by spending a few bucks and continue using them in the future. 

Switching to LED Lights: 2 Mistakes you Should Never Commit

Aug 2,2021

Should I Buy Every Pretty LED Bulb in the Market? Absolutely no. You should switch to the LED lights from the traditional lights as the future is of LED lights. But you should keep in mind that not every LED light in the market is worth your money. We will discuss two important things you should never ignore if you want to make an economical and valuable decision for buying a LED light. Don’t Ignore the Lumens First of all, if you want to switch to a LED light, you must understand what a Lumen is. You can google but the technical definition will boggle your mind. Simply put, Lumens are used to measure the glow of a bulb. In contrary with watts that are used to measure the power of a bulb. It means that if you want to buy a brighter bulb, it should have more lumens. Still don’t get it? To make it easy, if you want a LED bulb that is as bright as a 100-watt bulb then you should go for 1600-1800 lumens. Don’t get Misled from Incandescent Lookalikes In the market, you will find a lot of LEDs that looks like classic incandescent. What you don’t know is that they boast imitation filaments with capacitors that give off light. These capacitors are secured together in a twisted fashion. The problem? These LED bulbs may be a bad idea to place under a lampshade. Because the imitation filaments may become dim within the pool of light. These fake LED bulbs are presented as so-called Vintage bulbs so that people may be attracted towards their design. But if someone wants an attractive-looking LED bulb, why would they conceal it under a lampshade?  Our recommendation is to don’t fall for these neat-looking and beautiful LED bulbs. As they often don’t put up with the brightness claims on their packaging. End Note When you step into the market, just keep these two important aspects in mind and we are sure that you will end up buying a LED light that will win your heart with its functioning and features.